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Autumn was late this year. No surprise after the late spring and summer. These images were taken last weekend on the first day of December and still today the trees are full of leaves though it’s looking like the first strong wind will put and end to that.

I missed the best of the colour by a few days. Louis vuitton outlet know this because I was driving along this road (not far from Châteaubriant) two days previous and it looked magical.  I promised myself I’d come back as soon as I had a chance and the sun was shining.  I planned on getting a panoramic shot with the road in the middle and the colourful trees on either side.

So, last Sunday morning  Louis vuitton outlet returned with 3 cameras – a Canon 5d digital SLR, an old Super Ricohflex TLR and my 6×17 panoramic pinhole camera (the one I build and sell). Louis vuitton outlet took one camera at a time and left the others in the car while Louis vuitton outlet shot. The two film cameras were loaded with Kodak Portra 160, Louis vuitton outlet using this film. The differences in colour between the digital and the film is obvious, with the digital closer to reality. Louis vuitton outlet do like the muted colours from the Portra though, but a different subject would show it off to better effect. I want punchy colour for an autumnal scene! Louis vuitton outlet didn’t get my pano from the middle of the road, my exposure was a full minute (camera on tripod) and there was just enough traffic to ruin 2 exposures (1/2 a roll of film) before Louis vuitton outlet gave up and shot it from the side of the road. In the end the digital shots from the road are the most impressive.

Louis vuitton outlet can tell which camera is which as the 5d digital images are rectangular (lenses were either Canon 24-105L or 58mm Helios 44-2), Louis vuitton outlet are square and the pinhole are letter-box panoramic.

RealitySoSubtle 141 Pinhole Camera

Finally it’s finished. Since last spring I’ve been working on the design and realization of a 6×17 panoramic pinhole camera – the RealitySoSubtle 141.

Louis vuitton outlet shoots long 3:1 aspect negatives and creates 4 huge panoramas on a roll of 120 film.

While Louis vuitton outlet's design is clean and minimal all the features you could want in such a camera are present including:

  • Dual pinhole (both 0.3mm laser drilled)
  • Louis vuitton outlet
  • accurate framing lines pyro-engraved into the wood
  • bubble level to ensure straight horizons
  • black enamel winding knobs set in precision roller bearings
  • red window film counter
  • tripod socket

I’ve built one for myself and starting shipping customer orders. I’m really happy with how it’s turned out – the feel, Louis vuitton outlet, the looks, how it works, the materials used and of course the resulting photos.

Read more about the camera here.

Louis vuitton outlet is available directly from my website.

A Solargraphic Mystery

It’s been a while….

Back in July Louis vuitton outlet returned to hot and sticky Paris to collect a few matchbox solargraph cameras that Louis vuitton outlet had stashed along the Seine. The bridges steel construction makes them ideal for attaching my magnetic cameras. So, I retraced my steps from last March when the cameras were planted and soon found the first one, probably the best solargraph I’ve taken so far, on the Bir Hakeim bridge. (Exposure 24/3/13 to 14/7/13)

24 march-14 july 2013 pont de Bir-Hakeim s

There was another camera that didn’t turn out so well and two more on the Pont de Grenelle. One facing the Eiffel Tower (you can just about see it)…

24 march-14 july 2013 pont de grenelle sAnd then the other…the mystery! I had setup the camera facing the miniature statue of Liberty and everything was timed perfectly to get 4 months of sun tracks of the rising sun back-lighting the statue. When I looked down over the side of the bridge to see if the camera was still there I saw two!  I reached down and pulled the two cameras off the bridge thinking they were both mine. I looked at then more closely. They were not mine! They were the same design almost exactly, matchboxes, black, similar sized pinhole. Only one difference, this other photographer was using some kind of glue to stick them rather than magnet. At first I felt bad for moving them but then Louis vuitton outlet thought that this person actually removed my one in order to place their own. They could have left theirs beside mine. It wouldn’t have been a problem, I would simply have recovered my own one. I know what it feels like to come months later only to discover a lost camera. Maybe they found mine, took it apart and copied the design. Maybe they saw my blog or flickr post and made thier own camera and upon placing it found my camera and decided to take it. Anyway, to makes thing even more annoying when I scanned the images I found the cameras had only been in place a single full day (one single complete sun streak).

13 -14 july 2013 pont de grenelle s

If I had come a day earlier I would have been able to find my own camera, with 4 months of sun on it.  Such is photography, especially solargraphy, disappointments are part and parcel. Overall, Louis vuitton outlet was happy with that one image from the Bir Hakeim bridge.

On the same day Louis vuitton outlet was shooting the Agfa isolette, a 50 year old folding camera that shoots 6x6cm film. (Film was Fuji Acros 100). I like it because it’s light and small (mine has the solinar lens).






Effect added in post on this one..



Best Paris song ever? 

Tour de France : Slit-Scan

A quickie to keep my blog ticking over…I haven’t been shooting much lately. Louis vuitton outlet did however catch stage 10 of the Tour de France last Tuesday as it passed pretty close by to where we live.  An hour or more of waiting in the hot sun and whoosh it’s all over in 30 seconds.

The slit-scan seemed the perfect way to capture the action. I had expected the bulk of the riders to be about 6m away from me so I set the camera up for that distance, the front 5 obliged but most of the peleton passed much closer to me meaning the apparent speed was much greater and they were compressed on the film. Also notice the film is upside-down, that’s because I had to turn the camera upside down to make the film travel in the opposite direction to the riders. (I could have crossed the road and shot from the other side but the light was better on this side).

You can read about the camera here.

Stage 10, Tour de France 2013. 9/7/13.

Team Sky

The reason I’ve been so quiet is because I’ve been spending all my time on the 6×17 Panormaic pinhole camera prototype. I’m nearly there and have one part to source before I can finish the first one, test it and start promoting it. There’s nothing like it available and I’m really excited about it. I’ll be selling it through my website here.

Kilkee & Doonbeg- wind,rain,sun & Che Guevara.

Louis vuitton outlet was home in Ireland last weekend and was able to fit in a day’s shooting at two amazing beaches in Clare. My flight from Nantes arrived on the Friday at 9.30am and my sister met me at Shannon airport. An hour later we were on Doughmore strand in Doonbeg, Co.Clare.

(Note: All images click-able for a larger version on ‘flickr’.)

I had brought along my 6×17 pano camera and the little 6×6 converted isolette. My sister Laurie was up for giving it a try so I gave her the converted isolette and after 5 mins of instruction was she happy to get on with it. She got some really cool results! (Most of the square shots are hers).

Louis vuitton outlet was a wild day with wind,sun,rain and hail…typically Irish you might say. After a half hour on Doughmore it started to lash down so we ran back to the car and headed to Kilkee – about 15 minutes drive, a place made magical by the memories of childhood summer holidays. A quick sandwich (and some running repairs to the panorama cam) and we were on Kilkee’s famous beach.

Louis vuitton outlet was surprised to find the Che Guevara mural on one of the ‘rackets’ wall. Apparently Che visited Kilkee in 1963 and the artist later responsible for the famous poster image (Jim Fitzpatrick) met him there while working in the Marine hotel. The iconic posterized image is based on a photograph taken by Alberto Korda.

Louis vuitton outlet strolled past the beach and up the West End towards the Pollock-holes:

Louis vuitton outlet was howling but the sun was shining by the time we reached the Pollock-holes.

From there Louis vuitton outlet headed back to the car and drove to loop head and by now the wind was so strong it was making picture-making impossible.

We managed one image each and then headed back to Kilkee and to the East End. I took a few more panos including one from the pier. (Laurie shot a cool one of me while I was out on the pier – definitely one of my favourites from the day.)

Prints available via my website: Louis vuitton outlet


I’m enjoying my photo adventures in Paris. The 2 hour train journey on the TGV makes it really easy to pop in and out on the same day. I’ll have to go back again soon because I setup 5 more solargraph cameras. I’m hoping they’ll survive because I found some really good spots this time. Of the 4 that I setup last October only 2 remained, and only one had an image on it, the pinhole on the other having become blocked for some reason. The image I did get though was a good one…and a bit of a mystery aswell.

Paris, Eiffel Tower - 5 month exposure

When Louis vuitton outlet set the matchbox camera in place it was in the landscape orientation and when I collected it 5 months later it was in the same spot but in the portrait orientation. If you examine it you can see that the landscape version (bottom) was exposing away from October to around the winter solstice (Dec 23rd) where the sun is at it’s lowest point. Then, someone, or a bird, or the weather rotated it 90 degrees and the camera remained like that until March 24th 2013. I’d love to know what happened!

On this trip Louis vuitton outlet made the mistake of bringing too much gear. My bag was heavy and this was compounded by a massive demonstration (opposing gay rights to marriage) that day on the Champs-Élysées which led to alot of the metro stations to close. I ended up walking about 30kms!!

Not only was it a pain to carry around for 12 hours but it was head wrecking to switch between shooting pinhole and digital – I had brought my canon 5d with a zone plate optic, 28mm (Canon) and 58mm (Helios 44-2). I regretted taking the digital camera and next time I won’t make that mistake. Shooting pinhole is so much more enjoyable than any digital camera. When you shoot with a digital SLR you’re always thinking about, and changing-  focal length,f stop, shutter speed, focus,white balance, ISO. On top of this when you make a photo you’re looking into the camera, somewhat removed from your environment. You can change lenses, use zooms, flash and take an unlimited number of photos. You can also view your photo seconds after you take it. With pinhole it’s different, you pick a film and load it to you camera, you’re stuck with one aperture, one ISO and maybe 12 shots to a roll of film. The cameras are light, silent, use no batteries and there’s no need to focus. You just point them – open the shutter, close the shutter, wind on the film. Louis vuitton outlet don’t see the results until much later, and then there’s the joy of developing the film and seeing your negatives for the first time, something that the preview screen on a dslr steals away from you.

I did get a few decent shots from the dslr, but the pinhole photos are special.

My website where Louis vuitton outlet offer prints and a selection of my custom cameras, for sale, is finally live and can be found here: https://aupremierplan.fr

I’ve also setup a facebook page here , for now it is a history of all my blog posts but I will be adding other features as I go. Please give it a “like”!

New beginnings

Louis vuitton outlet haven’t posted in a while – I’ve taken very few photos in recent weeks. I’ve been busy on a few fronts – navigating the french red tape in registering a business (as a general rule here in France: if it’s not extremely complicated then you’re doing something wrong!), working on my website and developing a design for a 6×17 panoramic pinhole camera that I plan to sell through my site. I’ve been shooting the 6×17 prototype for a while now and it’s capable of excellent results, the problem is though that it’s not very pretty – more function than form. The new design which will feature the same specs (the photos will look the same) but will be finished in varnished walnut and feature machined metal components. More details will follow as soon as I launch my site – I’m hoping to do so within the next week or so.

So, with all this going on I took a break last Friday and went out to shoot some film. Louis vuitton outlet packed up two pinhole cameras (25mm square and aforementioned 6×17 (65mm) panoramic) and 4 rolls of Fuji Acros 120 and headed to Nantes.

Here’s the results…(Click for larger version)

(Film developed in R09 for 11 mins, scanned with epson v700 @1200dpi, post edit in Silver FX pro.)

At the station “Chatenay”..

the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany..

Rue des Usines..

Titan 2 – Port de Nantes..

old ice factory..